Create stories, games and animations.

Scratch is a high-level block-based visual programming language aimed primarily at children as an educational tool for programming.

Coding is the new literacy.

We believe that every child should learn to code because there are many things that children will love about coding; creating their own game, app, making their own animated stories and many other endless possibilities by harnessing today's rapidly evolving technologies.

In fact, we infuse our students with enthusiasm as they discover this complex and increasingly valuable language, leading them to discover the wonders of making their own app, writing their own code, and sparking their creativity as they design their own creations.


Why Coding?

As a programming language, block-based coding enables children to gain a conceptual understanding of how coding works while creating cool animations, stories, or games, among other things.

Igniting Logical and Computational Thinking.

Developed by MIT experts, Scratch is the visual programming language of choice to introduce children to coding. Our curriculum focuses on developing Computational Thinking through a myriad of projects, from basic to advance. In fact, students will be able to reiterate concepts with more challenging activities and realise their childhood dreams of building the coolest game or exciting blockbuster-like animation.

Moreover, Google Maps, WhatsApp, Instagram have become our everyday essential apps and your child may be the creator of the next BIG thing that you will use in your life. We nurture future leaders in technology by allowing students to explore the path of mobile app development. In this case, the MIT App Inventor Platform allows students to create fully functional mobile apps.

Furthermore, our students will develop advanced logical thinking and problem-solving skills by learning to break down problems into smaller components. As a matter of fact, our courses are specially written to use Mathematics as a context to teach Python, students will get double the learning benefits!

Finally, students may step into the shoes of search engine giant, Google when they utilise Python and Javascript to solve problems. The simplicity and practicality of Python and Javascript are widely revered by programmers and developers around the world and you can be in awe as well by starting Python and Javascript today.

Our Coding Programmes

6 - 8 year old

* per course: RM2300

- Scratch Jr
- Scratch

8 - 10 year old

* per course: RM2400

- Scratch Intermediate
- App Inventor 1

9 - 11 year old

* per course: RM2500

- Scratch Advanced
- App Inventor 2

11 - 13 year old

* per course: RM2700

- Python Junior 1
- Javascript Junior 1

13 - 15 year old

* per course: RM2900

- Python
- Javascript

15 - 17 year old

* per course: RM3100

- Python Intermediate
- Javascript Intermediate


Get evidence of what you've learned.

Our Certificate of Achievement provides a detailed transcript of what you've learned. Above all, it is awarded by Scratch Foundation and moderated by MIT Media Lab & Adobe Digital Learning Services.

Flexible study options

* In-person, evening and weekend courses also available.

Course Structure

* Weekly classes for 11 months.
All learning materials and equipment are provided.
Clsss ratio of 1:3.


* per course / level: monthly payment is available.